January 14, 2015
Jean-Louis Schilansky, President of Paris MEDEF, elected President of OPCE
Jean-Louis Schilansky, President of Paris MEDEF, was elected President of OPCE, the InterProfessional Association of the European Capital Cities on 31st October in Paris.

He succeeds Arturo Fernandez, President of CEIM, (the employers' organisation of Madrid), and Vice-President of CEOE, (Spain's organisation of employers). Arturo Fernandez now becomes Honorary President of OPCE.

Further to his election the new President of OPCE has announced two new initiatives:

• OPCE will issue proposals to both facilitate the mobility of business leaders, their employees and their clients across the European capital cities and to promote hosting and developing innovative companies.

• OPCE will maximise opportunities for companies based in European capital cities to meet, network and dialogue to help them expand into neighbouring markets.
Jean-Louis Schilansky stated: ...
November 3, 2014
Last OPCE's meetings
The last OPCE’s meetings took place on the 3Oth and the 31st of October in Paris.

The OPCE’s met the Deputy Mayor of Paris Jean-Louis Missika, the President of MEDEF, Pierre Gattaz and the Executive Director of EMEA Standard & Poor’s Rating Services, Yann Le Pallec.

Read Yann Le Pallec’s presentation about Funding the Economic Recovery in Europe :
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